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The Way to Look at Your Visa Giftcard Balance

Two Techniques:Assessing Your Balance OnlineCalling the Toll-free NumberCommunity Q&A
When utilizing a Visa gift card, then you also will periodically shed an eye on its own precise balance whilst making purchases. In the event you have to be aware of how much you really have remaining on the card, then it's simple to look at your own balance. To assess your balance, you've got two options. It's possible to look up your balance on the web or call the toll free number on the back of your card.
Assessing Your Balance on the Web
Get the Visa giftcard site. To check on your balance on the web, you have to become about the Visa giftcard site. This could be retrieved at the URL[1]
Click on the tab which says "Verify Balance." Should you scroll down, then you might find three tabs labeled "Register Card," "Verify Balance/Transactions," and then "Personalize Query" Click on the tab which says "Verify Balance/Transactions." [two]
Input the card amount. The moment you get on the site, you may soon be redirected to a screen requesting for info regarding your card. To begin, enter the card number. [3] Here could be the lengthy number found at the exact middle of your card.
Input the expiry date. Only under the telephone number, there ought to be a romantic date recorded. Here really is the card's expiration day. Input the expiry date from the screen furnished. [4]
Input the 3-digit-code. You want to go into the 3-digit-code to look at on your own balance. [5]Switch to the back of the card. There'll become a white strip together with your card number written about it. At the ending of your card number, there would have been a 3 digit code. Input in the site. [6]
Assess your own balance. Whenever you've entered all of the amounts right, hit "Assess my balance" Then you'll be redirected into a screen that shows you the balance in addition to any recent trades.
• When there's one, return and attentively re-enter the amounts. It's likely you input some thing very wrong. In the event that you still can not assess the balance, call the toll-free telephone number over the rear of your card.
Calling the Tollfree Number
Telephone the toll-free telephone number over the rear of the card. On the trunk of your card, then there should really be quite a few recorded. This really is a toll-free telephone number that offers service. You may call this number to look at your balance. [7]
Answer the questions asked to look at on your own balance. Whenever you telephone the telephone number, abide by any drives you are awarded. Now you may probably need to put in your gift card number, expiry date, and also the 3 digit code to receive your giftcard balance.
Telephone (866) 511-GIFT in the event that you can't track down the amount. In the event that you fail to locate a tollfree number in your card, then Vista features a overall number you may call with questions regarding your card. Telephone (866) 511-GIFT in the event the toll-free telephone phone number is absent or not working. [8]
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To check the balance on your gift card, select the merchant name from the list below or type it into the space provided and you will be directed to a page with information on how to check the balance on your card.